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What’s This Scheme About?

What's the best way to save money and protect our environment?

In support of the Canberra community to achieve net zero emissions by 2045, the ACT is offering a Sustainable Household Scheme for homeowners to reduce their energy usage and cost. Eligible homeowners can borrow up to $15,000 interest free for up to 10 years. There are no upfront fees or costs, however participants will need to meet standard credit criteria of the loan provider.

These guidelines apply to eligible households:

  • to purchase products for the home including installing rooftop solar panels, household battery storage systems for energy efficiency and hot water heat pumps.
  • to purchase used/ new electric vehicles and accessories

The Scheme is open to new applications until 2026.

Are You Eligible?

First question to ask is: Am I eligible? The good news is that there are three categories of eligible participants:

Category A and B 

  • A homeowner where install will take place
  • A person living with the homeowner where installation will take place

Category C

  • You need to have a valid ACT drivers licence
  • a homeowner or tenant.

For further details on eligibility please check the Everyday Climate Choices ACT Government website

What Is Covered?

For those that meet eligibility, you can get a loan from $2,000 - $15,000. Products that can be purchased are as below.

  • rooftop solar panels
  • household battery storage systems
  • electric heating and cooling systems
  • hot water heat pumps (HWHP)
  • electric stove tops
  • electric vehicles
  • electric vehicle charging infrastructure
  • installation costs for these products.

Over the life of the scheme you can purchase one or a bundle of products from the list, with collective value of up to $15,000. Repayments will begin once you:

  • Install the product or you begin to use it
  • Or you purchase your electric vehicle in reference to any charging stations.

For further details on eligibility please check the Everyday Climate Choices ACT Government website

What Are The Costs?

There are no upfront costs or establishment fees, however there can be penalties for late payments or a fee may be charged by the loan provider.

Credit history will be assessed as part of the loan application process. Standard credit criteria must also be met for the loan.

Who Do I Contact?

You can contact the ACT Govrernment or for more details you can visit the ACT Government website

ACG and Sustainability

As a company that gives back through community work and partnerships, ACG is committed to assisting the community of ACT and we fully support the journey to net zero. If there are concerns about installation of your air conditioning units please do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants who are more than happy to provide you guidance which could save you energy and emissions based on your needs. Call ACG today on 1300 289 214!

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