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Partnering with Daikin Air Conditioning is something that we are extremely proud of. Daikin has a 50-year history in Australia formed in 1970 and is known for quality and known for being Australian-made

We offer a wide range of Daikin air conditioners to suit any home or business, from small split system units through to large commercial ducted systems. We can advise you on the best system to suit your needs and budget, and our team of fully licensed installers will ensure that your new air conditioner is installed quickly and efficiently.

In addition to supplying and installing air conditioners, we also offer a comprehensive maintenance and repair service. Our technicians are experienced in servicing all types of Daikin air conditioners and can usually have your unit up and running again in no time.

So if you're looking for an air conditioning company in Canberra that you can trust, who partners with only the best brands, Call ACG Canberra

Here is Our Story

    • 1969

      Established as Clark Daikin Pty Ltd, selling water-cooled air conditioners

    • 1979

      Began importing and selling cool-only single split type air conditioners

    • 1980

      Clark Daikin Pty Ltd changed name to Daikin Australia Pty Limited

    • 1982

      Began local production of Comfort zone and Ducted Fan Coil Units

    • 1983

      Completion of office and warehouse complex in Sydney

    • 1989

      Began construction of office and warehouse complex in Brisbane. Celebrated 20 years of Daikin in Australia

    • 1990

      Brisbane office and warehouse opened

    • 1993

      Commenced operations in Auckland, New Zealand. Opened a Daikin branch in South Australia

    • 1994

      Celebrated twenty five years of Daikin in Australia

    • 1995

      Introduced ISO9002 standards (transferred to ISO9001)

    • 1997

      Launched Daikin inverter wall split air conditioners in Australia

    • 1998

      Expanded the Sydney factory to 1,800m²

    • 1999

      Celebrated thirty years of Daikin in Australia

    • 2000

      Daikin Australia’s first TV advertisement premieres during the Sydney Olympics

    • 2001

      Western Australia branch opens

    • 2002

      Daikin Australia launches the Inverter ducted air conditioning range – an industry first!

    • 2004

      Department of Design & Development established. First development models under Daikin design standard, FDY200/250L, launched

    • 2005

      More land acquired to commence construction of a new, energy efficient head office building at Chipping Norton

    • 2006

      Daikin obtained ISO14001 certification

    • 2007

      Acquired the McQuay brand. Opening of Daikin’s first full-scale manufacturing facility at Chipping Norton

    • 2008

      Completion of new energy efficient head office building at Chipping Norton

    • 2009

      Celebrated forty years of Daikin in Australia1998Expanded the Sydney factory to 1,800m²

Split System

A Split System Air Conditioner is one of the most popular types of air conditioning systems used in homes today. It’s popularity is due to this type of system being an energy-efficient and cost-effective way to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

With an indoor and outdoor unit that helps regulate air throughout your home it is important that you have experts work on your unit. At ACG Canberra we provide installation, maintenance and repair of split systems throughout the ACT region.

Ducted System

With 20+ years in the industry, ACG Canberra has extensive experience providing the installation, maintenance and repair of ducted air conditioning systems throughout the ACT region. 

What's better than one system to keep your home or office warm during the Winter months and cool in Summer? Having ducted system, you can enjoy year-round climate control.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems provide a more economical and stable way to cool your home or office. With their ability, these units can reach the desired temperature quickly even when compared with conventional ACs that take longer times for complete satisfaction!

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Underfloor Heating Altherma Technology

Underfloor Heating Altherma Technology

Altherma is Daikin’s innovative air to water heat exchanger system that heats or cools your home, for maximum comfort throughout the year. Daikin have invested over 40 years in developing technologies to make heating and cooling your home easy and efficient. Clever design and smart technology means your Daikin is not only quiet and efficient, but also durable and easy to install. With innovations like Intelligent Eye and Night Quiet Mode, Daikin can help you maintain superior comfort for your family. With family-friendly features, intuitive controls and set-and-forget technologies, Daikin air conditioners are exceptionally easy to use.

Why Do You Need A Daikin Specialist Dealer?

The right air conditioner, professionally installed, will make a big difference to both your home’s energy consumption and your family’s comfort, but with many different factors to consider, choosing the right air conditioner can be confusing. That’s why you should talk to a Daikin Specialist Dealer – our network of over 450 Daikin Specialist Dealers across Australia and New Zealand is here to guide you through what can be a daunting process.

Daikin Specialist Dealers are experienced professionals who can answer all your questions in plain English, explaining technical issues and helping you weigh up your options, so you can choose the right solution for both your home, and your budget.

Once you have evaluated your options and chosen the right Air Conditioner for you, your Daikin Specialist Dealer takes care of installing it, neatly and professionally, and with the protection of Daikin’s 5-year warranty, helping you keep your home comfortable for many years to come.

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