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Evaporating Cooling Sydney

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At ACG Canberra Air Conditioning, we specialise in the installation and service of different types of air conditioning and cooling systems including evaporative cooling units. If you are looking for a cost-effective, efficient, and environment-friendly cooling system for your home or business, there are many reasons to consider an evaporative cooling system.

Our ACG Canberra licensed and well-trained technicians have decades of combined industry experience. Staying innovative our technicians regularly undergo  training to keep up-to-date with the latest models and technologies. Give our team a call today to see if Evaporative AC Cooling works for you!

Evaporating Cooling Sydney
Evaporating Cooling Sydney

What is an Evaporative Air Conditioner?

An evaporative air conditioning unit, as it is named, uses the process of evaporation to cool the air. The evaporative air conditioning system is a popular choice because it can be installed in almost any home. In this type of unit, hot and dry external air is pumped through water-soaked cooling pads that cause the liquid to transform into cool vapour being pushed through a network of ducts by a fan.


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The Benefits

of Split System Air Conditionersm

Split system air conditioners are a great choice for those wanting the comfort of a unit that blends unobtrusively with its surroundings. The benefits of split systems include:

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Environment- Friendly Cooling

Evaporative cooling is completely based on the natural cooling process using water. Since there is no chemical-based cooling, no adverse impact is made on the environment. Another reason these systems are so popular with Australians who love the outdoors is that the windows and doors can be left open. You can also use these units during the winter. The fans can be turned on to remove the indoor stale air.

At ACG Air Conditioning, we provide design, installation, repair, and maintenance services for all types of air conditioning and cooling systems for residential and commercial applications. Whether you want to add an evaporative cooling system or any other air conditioner for your home or place of business, call us today at 1300 289 214 for a free assessment and quote or fill this Online Form and we will call you back.

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