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Split System Air Conditioning Canberra

A Split System Air Conditioner is one of the most popular types of air conditioning systems used in homes today. It’s popularity is due to this type of system being an energy-efficient and cost-effective way to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

With an indoor and outdoor unit that helps regulate air throughout your home it is important that you have experts work on your unit. At ACG Canberra we provide installation, maintenance and repair of split systems throughout the ACT region.

Split System Air Conditioner Installation, Maintenance & Repair

Need supply and installation?

Here at ACG Canberra we supply a range of split system units at great prices and also offer split system air conditioner installation all across the ACT Region. We stock many popular types of systems from all major brands including Daikin, Fujitsu, ActronAir, Mitsubishi Electric and LG. As a customer first service we offer both a supply and installation service. We make it easy for our customers to install your split system air conditioner by taking care of the end-to-end process from the moment you purchase to installation.

Need a repair or maintenance service?

If your split system Air Conditioning unit is in need of repair, or just a general maintenance checkup, an ACG licensed technician can provide a timely service. To get a free quote on our split system air conditioning services, fill out the form on this page. Take a look at the specials on our Air Conditioning units today!


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The Benefits

of Split System Air Conditioners

Split system air conditioners are a great choice for those wanting the comfort of a unit that blends unobtrusively with its surroundings. The benefits of split systems include:

Air Conditioning Repair FAQs

As with any aircon unit, check the air conditioner reviews, star ratings, noise levels and running costs. The best split system air conditioner will be entirely dependent on what you actually need installed.

For further recommendations and specific advice, speak with an ACG professional.

Reverse cycle basically means that the heating or cooling process can be reversed, so that the adverse effect can be produced.

Split system reverse cycle air conditioners do this by drawing in warm air from outside via an outdoor condenser in order to warm your home, or by drawing out the warm air inside your home and dissipating it outside in order to keep your home cool.

The smallest size split system that generally is installed would be a 2kw system. A system this size generally would only be suitable for a small bedroom no more than 15m2.

There a few steps to a split system installation. As the name implies the split system is made up of two separate components, one indoor and one outdoor unit.

Step 1. Mounting the system
We will, based on the quote and area that we are servicing, we will install the mounting bracket for your indoor unit inside the desired location of the room. This is what is used to hold the system.

Step 2. Create the hole
We will then create the hole through the wall which is how we connected the pipework and electrical from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit and run our drainage lines which removes the condensation water from the unit

Step 3. Running the connections
It is now time to run all pipe and wires through the hole that has been made.

Step 4. Securing the indoor unit
Your indoor unit will now be mounted onto the bracket and will then connect the pipe and wiring to the back of the indoor unit

Step 5. Lets go outside
Your condenser unit (outdoor unit) will be placed into position. Your outdoor unit  on mounting blocks, rubber feet of wall brackets we will secure the outdoor unit in your desired location. Once the outdoor is secure we will then connect the pipe work and electricals that we had fed through in step 3 and your system is now ready for commissioning.

Air conditioning installations vary from the size of the unit, the brand your chose and the locations you would like your system installed in. Prices for a small bedroom can start from $1100 and for a larger space can cost from $1999

We often get asked about whether it is better to repair a certain unit, or just replace it. There are multitude of variables around this question, some of which are how old the unit is, the warranty conditions, some models are more expensive to maintain than others. The differences between repair and replacement can be subtle, yet have a strong impact on the role the technician plays in service of your ac unit. If you would like your system serviced before your chose to replace and we advise a replacement, we will reimburse you $99 of your service fee back.

Air conditioning installations vary from the size of the unit, the brand your chose and the locations you would like your system installed in. Prices for a small bedroom can start from $1100 and for a larger space can cost from $1999

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