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Floor Heating System Canberra

Not only does  a Floor Heating System warm up your feet but it can keep your house from the ground up! Whether you want to use it as a primary heating source for the entire home or as a comfort heating, ACG Canberra Air Conditioning specialises in installing floor heating systems to your custom requirements. 

As a premier provider of Air Conditioning services, we have the products and expertise in installing underfloor heating for homeowners and contractors. We are fast and professional when it comes to completing installation, saving you valuable time and cost.

The types of Floor Heating Systems

We are known in Canberra and throughout the ACT region. We have experience installing all types of floor heating systems including the following:

Inscreed HeatingThis heating system works with most floor covering materials including slate, marble and granite. This underfloor heating system sends heat upwards and creates a comfortable heated environment without any noise.

Undertile HeatingIf look and feel is important to you then you may want to consider Undertile Heating. If aesthetics is at the top of your list, we can install an undertile heating system making for a seamless integration into your home.

Inslab HeatingThis system is a popular and low cost solution when it comes to a Floor Heating System. The concrete flooring is a beautiful, durable surface that can be designed to create any look or design. With our heated stones you'll never want for anything else!

Undercarpet HeatingWe also specialise in installing under carpet heating systems. The heating mats are the solution to all your flooring problems. They're available in different shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits any room!


+ Years Now

The Air Conditioning Guys Canberra has been meeting the residential air conditioning needs of Canberra residents near and far for over 20+ years now.

Underfloor Heating Sources

We provide both electric and hydronic underfloor heating solutions for your home.

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Our Floor Heating Sevices ACT

Our Floor Heating Sevices

As a premier provider of floor heating services we provide the following range.

  • Supplying and installing floor heating systems
  • We assist customers to choose the right system for them!
  • Technical support and advice
  • Free and no-obligation quotations
  • After-sales support and service

ACG Canberra Air Conditioning provides a holistic approach to heating solutions. We offer a wide range of air conditioning services includes supply, installation, repair, and maintenance for your cooling and heating systems. 

To get more guidance on your Floor Heating System contact us today at 1300 289 214. Or you can fill in our Online Form and our specialists will get back to you!

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