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The decision to invest in an air conditioning unit is one that requires careful thought. The type of system you choose will be based on your specific needs, and it's important not only for the function but also comfort level with any given environment! Guidance from qualified professionals like ourselves can really help make sure everything goes smoothly during installation so we'll always have someone ready at all times if there are questions or concerns about anything related towards your air conditioning unit.

At ACG Air Conditioning Canberra, we will help you choose the right packaged air conditioning unit for your home. It is important that you pick the right unit for your circumstances as if it is outdoors it could be exposed to the elements. If it is indoors you may want it to fit the interior design of your home. Contact ACG today and we can provide you end-to-end support for your packaged air conditioning needs!

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The types of Packaged Air Conditioning Units

The types of Packaged Air Conditioning Units

At ACG Canberra, we specialise in installing different types of packaged air conditioners from all the leading brands available in the Australian market. This includes units with:

  • Fixed speed compressor
  • Multi-stage compressor
  • Variable speed compressor
  • Our certified technicians are experts in packaged units from Daikin, Fujitsu, LG, and Samsung.


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The Air Conditioning Guys has been meeting the residential air conditioning needs of Canberra residents near and far for over fifteen years now.

The Benefits

of Split System Air Conditionersm

Split system air conditioners are a great choice for those wanting the comfort of a unit that blends unobtrusively with its surroundings. The benefits of split systems include:

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Packaged Air Conditioner Installation

A new air conditioning unit is a big investment. You have to ensure that the type of unit you select covers your needs and keeps you comfortable. Only professional guidance in the selection of the right model and proper installation can help you achieve your goals. At ACG Air Conditioning, we take pride in our expertise and experience in installing package air conditioners of all makes and models. Our experienced team will help you in choosing the best unit that matches your specific needs
If you want to learn more about our package air conditioning installation services, call us today at 1300 289 214. We can visit your property and conduct an inspection to provide you with a quote. You may also write to us using this Contact Form and our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

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